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​Indonesian language in backpacker mode. Travellers mode..easy mode

​Indonesian language in backpacker mode. Travellers mode..easy mode

Note : this is the easy way.. not for course. only for easy conversation

Ini terjemahan pakai google translate. Jika ada kesalahan mohon dimaklumi ya..😂😂😂

Indonesian language. which is now beginning to be studied by most countries. there are several opinions about this language from a stranger that I knew.

some say this language is too difficult. others say this language is very easy. all depends on how to react .. but I think, this language is easier to learn than namec planet language… 😆

okay let’s start

1. Greeting😊
Very easy to say hello to indonesian. Many of them are familiar with hai, hi, hello, halo, hola, excuse me, helo, asaalamualaikum ( which is this country is the largest moslem people in the world ).
And many of them will react if you say that words. U free to choose one of that words..

After that,  get used to ask how they are, like how are you in english or APA KABAR in indonesian.

Example : hai..apa kabar? / hello, how are you?

And this greeting enaugh to make them listen to you..😉

2. Asking
usually foreigners who come to Indonesia will ask the address, place, hotel, dining, rest areas, destinations, travel, places, etc.

 The first to be done is to say :  ” DIMANA ”
Then continue with what you are looking..

Example ; hai..apa kabar? Dimana hotel? / are you..where is hotel?
Dimana rest area?
Dimana restaurant? Etc

U can also use DIMANA for everythings you seacrh.
1. Dimana taksi / where is taxi
2. Dimana polisi / where is police
3. Dimana mobil / where is car
4. Dimana mesjid / where is mosque
5. Dimana gereja / where is church
6. Dimana mall / where is mall
7. Dimana rumah sakit / where is hospital

In point 1&2 no need to ask they name, they address, they age, they status mariage or not 😂
Because without that question, they will also answer your question with pleasure..😉

3. Always say TERIMA KASIH after you get answer. TERIMA KASIH means thanks in english. And they will happy after you say that word.

Easy to start doesnt it?

In indonesian language, no need to learn how to speak. Because everythings you read, SAME with everythings you say..
Example : apa kabar / apa ka-bar

Others example are:
1. Selamat pagi / good morning
2. Selamat siang / good afternoon
3. Selamat malam / good night
4. Dia / she or he.
5. Selamat tinggal / goodbye
6. Makan / eat
7. Tidur /sleep

actually if you explored more deeply, Indonesian use a lot of difficult languages. typically used at a given moment. applying for a job for example. or a meeting with officials. but if you just having a conversation with the Indonesian people, you can use an easy conversation. and they will understand

Example when you want to buy something here.

How much this sunglass?
How much this pen?
How much this apple?
How much this tshirt?
How much this ice cream?
How much this bag?
And How much everythings you want..
U just need to put that thing, show them and say : BERAPA INI?
Berapa ini means how much this?

To be continued..😉


Aku suka menulis. Dan aku mencintai pertualangan. Dua hal yang akan banyak mengisi tulisan disini. Jadi Jangan berharap akan ada info lowongan kerja, info cuaca dan info-info mistik lainnya 😋. Namaku oliv. Sebuah nama sederhana dari keluarga sederhana. Aku terlahir dari kedua orang tua yang tidak main-main ( baca : melangsungkan pernikahan secara serius di penghulu dekat rumah ). Ayahku seorang lulusan magister ilmu agama di kairo. Sedang ibu sarjana di jakarta yang juga mengambil jurusan agama. Latar belakang itu tidak lantas membuat aku mengambil jurusan agama pula. Aku berbeda. Aku punya duniaku. Dunia yang aku ciptakan atas dasar keinginan dan tanpa paksaan dari siapapun 😆. Aku menulis tentang apapun. Cinta khususnya. Tentang hal yang membuat jantung berdegup, dan tentang hal yang membuat kalian sakit jantung secara tiba-tiba.. Aku berpetualang kemanapun. Dan semoga bisa jadi referensi kalian melihat indahnya ciptaan Tuhan.. Selamat membaca..and enjoyyyyy

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